Inovar Floor-Growing from good to great.

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About us


The Inovar Floor distributor network was first established in 1998 and has been active in the furniture industry as a major national supplier for the past 19 years.

The strategy to distribute wooden flooring as a D.I.Y. product proved that the product required a specialist installer/sales team, without the use of sub-contractors. To this end, Finfloor, in September 1998, set up the first chain of independent specialist distributors, with their own exclusive brand/product range, hence the launch of Inovar Floor®, with the aim of having specialist distributors who are both responsible and accountable for both the product and installation. To achieve this no Inovar Floor distributor is allowed to use any sub-contract installation teams, but may use each other’s teams in the event of a national contract, to ensure that the quality standards are maintained nationally.

The specialist distributor network consists of 28 outlets throughout South Africa and across the border, selling both Inovar Floor and Finfloor with a further 43 flooring outlets that sell, supply and install the Finfloor brand/product.

Inovar Floor outlets are situated in all major cities and towns across South Africa.



  • Inovar Floor™ products are surfaced with Anti-abrasive protective overlay, for improved scratch, chip and dent resistance.
  • Inovar Floor™ planks with a Wax impregnated core offers greater water resistance
  • Inovar Floor™ products are backed with a balancing film for added dimensional stability.
  • Inovar Floor™ products have a lifetime warranty against Termites.
  • Inovar Floor™ core materials are made of Superior Water HDF (Thickness swelling test between 8%-10%)
  • Inovar Floor™ Average board Density greater than 880/890 kg/m3 (makes for more Dimensional Stability under changing climatic conditions)
  • Inovar Floor™ Each plank is edged with Wax edge protection for improved water resistance, speedier installation and prevention of creaking noises.
  • Inovar Floor™ products are Backed up by a company that has been selling laminate floors for 19 years
  • Inovar Floor™ Offers with a numbered warranty card
  • Inovar Floor™ laminate floors are SAWLFA approved/accredited.



  • All flooring we supply comes with a written 10-25 year surface wear warranty. This is an internationally recognized written and recorded warranty.
  • We guarantee exceptional service, as each franchise is an owner run and managed business, so you are always dealing with the ‘Boss’. We have our own installation teams and do not subcontract the installations.
  • All installations come with a 2 year warranty.
  • Our products have been used in South Africa for over 19 years. So you can be assured they will live up to expectation.
  • Inovar floor has a national footprint, so we are able to help you throughout the country.
  • We are a member of SAWLFA (South African Wood & Laminate Flooring Association), the independent governing body that monitors the wood and laminate flooring industry, trains installers and make sure that all members live up to their code of conduct and the correct installation and claim procedures are adhered too.
  • We are the only decorative laminate importer and distributor that have outlived their original warranties. We are also the oldest clients to Finfloor SA.
  • Inovar floors continuously up skills their franchisees and staff with ongoing product training.
  • We keep abreast of current designs trends and ongoing product development and improvements.
  • We offer a wide range of products, colours and finishes to suit most pockets and tastes. There is also the longevity of our designs, some have been in our ranges in excess of 10 years and are only now been refreshed.


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